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Stefan Danailov

Stefan Danailov has been the most popular and esteemed Bulgarian actor for more than thirty years. He is one of the leading actors in the Ivan Vazov National Theatre and teaches in the NationalAcademy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia.
As a deputy of the 39th National Assembly from the list of Coalition for Bulgaria, he chaired the Commission on Culture. Currently, he is the Minister of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria and named the most successful Minister of the coalition government - an active participant in the public and political life of the country.
Prof. Danailov is bearer of the most renowned award for contribution to Bulgarian culture – the Stara Planina Order. In 2002, he received the Ministry of Culture award – Paisii Hilendarski - for his exceptional contribution to Bulgarian culture.



Raymond Vagenstein

Raymond Wagenstein has worked for 15 years as a film critic, journalist and screenplay writer. He is the author of several hundred articles and reviews. He is the owner of Colibri, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Bulgaria and the Director of the International Book Fair in Sofia.



Boyan Biolchev

Boyan Biolchev graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland (Polish Philology) and started lecturing at SofiaUniversity in 1972. In 1999, he was elected as Rector of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and elected again in 2003.
He chairs the "Comparative Theory of Literature" section in the International Slavonic Languages Council, a  member of the Plato International Academy.

He has written more than 200 scientific publications, 6 film screenplays and almost 20 books, 15 of which are fiction. He is the author of the screenplay for the ten-episode film “The Slavic Civilization”, co-produced with the Bulgarian National Television and RAI, directed by the world-famous documentaries director Folco Quillici. The film was distributed in 136 countries worldwide.



Nedyalko Yordanov

Nedyalko Yordanov graduated from SofiaUniversity (Bulgarian Philology). He was a playwright in the Bourgas Drama Theater, as of 1990, he is a playwright in the Vazrazhdane Theater in Sofia. He is also editor-in-chief of the "More" almanac
One of the most loved Bulgarian poets, he is an author of poems, stage plays and a poetry book for children and teenagers.



Hristo Droumev

Hristo Droumev graduated with a Law degree from SofiaUniversity. He was a cultural attache in Bonn, as well as a director of the Wittgenstein Home in Vienna. President of the Union of Bulgarian Manufacturers "Made in Bulgaria". He holds several posts in supervisory boards and is very active in Bulgarian society. He is the vice-President of the Bulgarian Investment Forum, founder of Postbank, the Express Radio and the Sofia Stock Exchange.
He is also board member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Club and the Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Economic Forum association. Furthermore, he serves as a member of the Public Council of the Bulgarian National Television.
As President of the BulgarianBridge Federation, he is a two time WorldBridge Champion (1998 in Lille, 2002 in Montreal). Since 1990, he is the Director of the NationalPalace of Culture.



Edward Vick

Edward Vick-born in Canada, he presently manages his translation business in Germany. With predecessors from Austria, Italy and England and having lived in America and England, he speaks many languages and has been exposed to many cultures.

After graduating from Cambridge in English Literature, he worked as a manager in tourism, marketing and insurance. His travels have taken him to many places and he has had the opportunity to witness the disparities in the world. Always looking to expand his horizons, he leads his business with infectious enthusiasm, constantly meeting people, carrying out negotiations and solving problems.
He established EVS in a bid to combine as many of his interests and skills as possible, mainly languages and business acumen.

At present, EVS has branches and affliates throughout Europe. In his words, communication is the key to success in business. Languages and translations have always played an integral role - in advertising, books, television, literature - language is the key to understanding, the key to success.


Winners 2009

Milen Ruskov-“Zahvarlen v prirodata”

Zahari Karabashliev-“18% sivo”


Judges 2009

Panel of Judges 2009 BULGARIAN NOVEL OF THE YEAR: Professor Milena Kirova  Professor Svetlozar Igov  Georgi Tenev Kristina Patrashkova

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