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Professor Georgi Lozanov Professor Boryana Hristova Professor Valeri Stefanov Meglena Kouneva Andrei Slabakov

The jury for the 2008 VICK Prize for the Bulgarian Novel of the Year is composed of a dynamic mix of personalities. The jury for the novels is made of European Commissioner Ms. Meglena Kouneva those acquainted with Ms. Kouneva will be aware of her extensive involvement with literature, Professor Boryana Hristova head of the St. Cyril and Methodius National Library, a philologist and dedicated researcher of old Bulgarian literature, Professor Georgi Lozanov – a media expert and key figure in Bulgarian intellectual circles, Professor Valeri Stefanov – Dean of the Faculty of Slavic Studies at St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University and last but not least the film director and actor Andrei Slabakov.

"This selection made by the Foundation Committee shows our continued pursuit for balance, diversity and a sense of adventure for the composition of our jury members", Elena Skouleva – Naidenova, Manager of VICK Foundation, commented. Starting from 2008, the members of the jury not only increased from 4 to 5, but the readers' votes will also no longer directly influence the decisions of the jury (voting starts after the announcement of the finalists), the Foundation Manager added.

So far, a total of 68 titles are in the running for the Bulgarian Novel of the Year competition. Who will get closer to winning the literary contest for the VICK Prize? This will be revealed at the end of April when the jury announces the titles of the novels that passed the first selection to the public. At the end of June, VICK Foundation will invite all its supporters, opponents, or those interested to witness the grand presentation of the six finalists. The winner in this year’s competition will be announced at the award ceremony in November.

The Bulgarian Novel of the Year was established in the Spring of 2004 by the English businessman Edward Vick. BGN 10,000 is the prize for the best Bulgarian novelist and BGN 1,000 for the author of the book with the most readers’ support. As with previous years, prizes are sponsored by the international translation company EVS Translations.
The past winners of this prestigious literature prize are Stefan Kisyov with "The Executioner", Emil Andreev with "The Glass River", Boyan Biolchev with "The Amazon of Varoe" and Georgi Tenev with "Party Headquarters".


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