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Boyan Biolchev

Amazonkata na Varoe (Varoe's Amazon)

Trud Publishing House

Varoe's Amazon

The biography of the author is often put on the back cover of the book. Here I will not be egoistical, but just. I give my place to a biography of the book itself. It took me three whole years to write it, so I had the chance to get to know it and decided it was more deserving than me. Two decades ago I wrote a script drawing upon the ludicrous in our history, which was spectacularly rejected by the Cinematographic Artistic Council. One of the leading figures in it told me in the corridor: "What you have written is too much of a mockery. Our viewers are not yet up to national irony!" This person, whom I wish all the best, is still alive. I have seen him recently - he is obviously not yet up to national irony. And the viewer? Well, the viewer, as well as the reader… they are the same. Smarter than the ones who try to bind them within cliches. And because time was flying by, and I got scared that I would leave this world not yet up to it, I got down to writing again. Now a novel, extracted from the unrealised script. The characters came to life again. I do not know if they are happy to be in my book. But for the past three years I have experienced through them the greatest happiness an exile of the pen could ever dream of.

Boyan Biolchev



Valeri Stefanov

Izgoubenite magareta (The Lost Donkeys)

Standart Publishing House

The Lost Donkeys

The Lost Donkeys is the first work of fiction by Prof. Valeri Stefanov. The achievements of the novel are its excellent style and the importance of the issues discussed, discussed, however, in such a way convincing us that words have healing power. The Lost Donkeys is not the type of novel to rank on a bestseller list. Yet, its style is far from seductive. The linguistic make-up is never excessive, and even where it was necessary to mark the evangelic style, it is done unostentatiously and in moderation. Because, we have to admit, the Bulgarian historical novel often imposes an exaggerated patina.



Victor Paskov

Aoutopsia na edna lioubov (Autopsy of a Love Affair)

Biblioteka 48 Publishing House

Autopsy of a Love Affair

On the third beat Zhoro, the bass player, joined in with a hollow and mysterious tune: quaver… pause… quaver… pause, two quavers… pause… Ravel's Bolero.
Benny bent over the microphone, brought the flute to his lips and from it floated that endless melody which comes out of the nothingness - enigmatic, sensuous, warm as a Spanish night and filled with incognizable danger and dark passion, a sorcerer's spell and a foreboding of something slinking, stalking, irrevocable… with a mournful warning, bleak solemnity, knife, night and bad blood! The same proud melody, without modulations, taken over and repeated ceremoniously by one instrument after another, flowing up stronger and darker, the drum's rhythm curter and sharper, until finally the instruments come together in a forte, in the sphere of melody blow up to an enormous size: exalted, bristled and doomed… then they all burst in the finale, in the single ominous modulation of this frightening piece in which melody, rhythm and dance collapse as one into the black maw of infinite nothingness.



Vladimir Zarev

Svetove (Worlds)

Five Plus Publishing House


Worlds is a novel based on a true story. In the early 90s, an American comes to Bulgaria driven by a messianic intensity and armed with a concrete business project for large-scale investments in the field of communications. But here he runs against the absurdity and chaos of our newly emerging democracy, against the corruption and hypocrisy of the political class. His business's failure and the many changes of fortune seem to ordain an encounter with a woman who is to astound and fascinate him with her singularity. Worlds is an-easy-to-read, interesting novel about love, about the attraction and repulsion of two worlds - so alien and yet inherently alike. One neatly arranged, rich and perspicuous, the other unpredictable, plunged into anarchy, but vital and commanding. Their impossible meeting takes place in the destinies of a man and a woman.



Ivan Golev

Dani (Danny)

Zebra Publishing House


The anchorman of a cultural programme on the Bulgarian National Radio Lazar Lazarevski is fired by the new powers emerging amid incessant political turmoil. Married, with a son - a university student and a daughter - a schoolgirl, and until only recently a star, he is now unemployed. To top it all, his long-term adulterous affair with Ralitsa ends as she goes to her brother in Los Angeles. In a crisis, Lazar is looking for a new job, but it is not easy. Then Danny comes on the scene - she is a young girl about the age of his daughter. Will this impossible love amidst the bleak grey concrete blocks of flats save him? And who is he? A model husband and father or an unscrupulous macho and gigolo to be purged through these unexpected feelings? What happens to his family, friends, the world he lives in? Does modern man have moral principles and how far do they reach? Is it only death that can redeem his mistakes? The novel seeks the answers to these questions with an insistent, often defiant, sincerity because of which it is not recommended for persons under 18… or over 70.



Lea Koen

Konsortsioum "Alternous" (The Alternus Consortium)

Riva Publishing House

The Alternus Consortium

Who is behind the mythical financial holding of Alternus? One of the largest fortunes accumulated before the war by a respected Bulgarian tycoon and banker sinks like the Titanic and leaves behind a web of legends and truths. For more than 40 years, the Secret Services of three countries struggle to get hold of the unimaginable wealth of Jules Kelderon. The Alternus Consortium, based on some true historical facts, is the story of this chase, where the persecuted become persecutors. This is the story of three women Eva Marinova, Lora Benbassat and Lisa Kalder who come from three different corners of the world but are united by fate in their efforts to find Alternus and the truth about their own lives.





Winners 2009

Milen Ruskov-“Zahvarlen v prirodata”

Zahari Karabashliev-“18% sivo”


Judges 2009

Panel of Judges 2009 BULGARIAN NOVEL OF THE YEAR: Professor Milena Kirova  Professor Svetlozar Igov  Georgi Tenev Kristina Patrashkova

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