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Vick Foundation was established by Edward Vick in February 2004.

Its purpose is to assist, develop and promote Bulgarian fiction inside and outside Bulgaria.

The objective of its founder is to attract interest for works of contemporary Bulgarian writers.

The focus is the Vick Prize, an annual competition for the best Bulgarian novel of the year. The prize is BGN 10,000.

Vick Foundation is funded by EVS, a leading European translation company with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria.


The competition is organised with the support of
Translation Company EVS Translations

Winners 2009

Milen Ruskov-“Zahvarlen v prirodata”

Zahari Karabashliev-“18% sivo”


Judges 2009

Panel of Judges 2009 BULGARIAN NOVEL OF THE YEAR: Professor Milena Kirova  Professor Svetlozar Igov  Georgi Tenev Kristina Patrashkova

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