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Georgi Tenev

Georgi Tenev was born in Sofia in 1969.
In 1994, he graduated from the experimental class of Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev at NATFA. Granted a Herder scholarship in 1996/1997, he continued his education at Vienna University.
In 1994, he also co-founded the Triumviratus Art Group together with director Yavor Gardev and screenplay writer Nikola Toromanov. At the 1999 Berlin Festival, he was awarded the GRAND PRIX EUROPA — Best European Radio Drama prize for his co-project The Atoll(together with Yavor Gardev and composer Assen Avramov).
His texts have been staged in Germany (Leipzig, 1998), France (Paris, 2004, Nancy, 2003) and Russia (Saint Petersburg, 2004). His publications are Resident’s Fear of Recall (2001), The Citadel (2001), The Child Prodigy. Book One: Variations of Karamazov (2004) and Party Headquarters(2006).



Partien Dom (Party Headquarters)

Altera Publishing House

Partien Dom

‘In the party headquarters of the reactor, in the reactor of the party headquarters – under the lid taken-off other people’s stares invade. The whole world already knows everything about Chernobil. Sparkles are flashing and telegrams - flying between the capital cities of the planet. Finally, Moscow half-heartedly admits. Kiev is in mourning although not officially. And in our country they keep silence, the spring is putting forth without panic. She is looking for my lips with her lips, she is grasping at my heated chest. She wants to save me, to correct, if possible, her father’s mistake. The infantile memory in the invisible shaved hairs is smashing me to dust, melting me, I drop my arms. This probably disappoints her, the pain is flowing away from her body but she also understands: we’d better stop, it’s better for both of us. The blue flesh of my long body is crawling out of the conquered outflows. I fall on my back and she rests aside, we are both bathing in sweat, it is flowing through both of us. Do I love her or do I hate her? – nobody has ever asked me a more relative question.’

Georgi Tenev

Winners 2009

Milen Ruskov-“Zahvarlen v prirodata”

Zahari Karabashliev-“18% sivo”


Judges 2009

Panel of Judges 2009 BULGARIAN NOVEL OF THE YEAR: Professor Milena Kirova  Professor Svetlozar Igov  Georgi Tenev Kristina Patrashkova

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