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"Retrato Edward Vick se ha propuesto llevar la literatura búlgara a un público más amplio "

"Offenbach, Alemania. Todo empezó como una idea de marketing: Edward Vick quería promocionar la agencia de traducción que había abierto en Sofía en 2001. Desde entonces, se ha convertido en una especie de cruzada. "Me gustaría fomentar la literatura búlgara", afirma este empresario afincado en la ciudad alemana de Offenbach. Con este objetivo ha creado una fundación que en 2006 concedió el tercer Premio Vick a un autor búlgaro. Según Vick, el premio dotado de 5.000 euros ya se ha consolidado en Bulgaria...." más

published 23 Junio 2006; Frankfurter Rundschau



"Nueva edición del concurso literario VICK "

"Sesenta y siete novelas búlgaras compitieron en la edición de este año del concurso VICK. Es la tercera vez que el certamen se realiza en este país. Su promotor es Edward Vick, fundador de una de las mayores compañías europeas de traducción EVS. Los seis libros finalistas ya han sido editados..." más

published 23 Junio 2006; Bulgarian National Radio




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"Sofia University Rector wins the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Prize"

"The book Varoe’s Amazon by the Rector of St. Clement of Ochrida University in Sofia, Prof. Boyan Biolchev, is the 2005 Bulgarian novel of the year in the third annual competition of the Vick Foundation. Another five books were nominated for the prize of BGN 10,000 and a translation of the novel into English out of a total of 68 entries..." more

published 15 November 2006; Bulgarian National Radio




"Bulgarian University Dean Grabs Novel of the Year Award "

"Bulgaria: The Sofia University's Dean Boyan Biolchev has been bestowed the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Award for his Varoe's Amazon. Biolchev grabbed the award of BGN 10,000 for his novel and its English translation in contest with five other short-listed novelists. The laureate announced he would donate the money from the prize for the establishment of a students' award contest for poems and short stories. ... " more

published 30 October 2006; Sofia News Agency




"Professor Boyan Biolchev snatches Vick Best Novel Prize"

" ..The 2006 winner has already announced his decision to donate the BGN 10 000 (EUR 5000) to setting up a poetry and fiction contest for Bulgarian university students.." more

published 28 October 2006; Bulgarian National Radio




"Vick Prize for the best novel of the year in Bulgaria generates upturn in Bulgarian novel "

"3 years ago the Englishman Edward Vick, CEO of the international translation company EVS Group, created the Vick prize for the best novel of the year in Bulgaria. His initiative was acclaimed by those who saw in the prize a new opportunity for the Bulgarian literature ...This autumn at the Frankfurt book fair the first two winners will present their prize-winning works on the Bulgarian stand ..... " more

published 29 September 2006; Bulgarian National Radio(Heritage Radio Group)

Download Edward Vick Interview for Bulgarian National Radio(Heritage Radio Group), 29 September 2006 (mp3 file format)-part 1

Download Edward Vick Interview for Bulgarian National Radio(Heritage Radio Grioup), 29 September 2006 (mp3 file format)-part 2




"Bulgarian books – truths we need "

"Today together with Nikolay Stoyanov, writer, publisher and president of Balkanika Foundation and Yordan Eftimov, writer, literary critic and university professor, we take a closer look into two of the contests held locally – Vick and Helicon. This year Mr Stoyanov sat on the jury of the Vick Bulgarian Novel contest sponsored by Edward Vick, founder of one of Europe’s largest translation company EVS. “The contest provided an impressive thematic diversity and I should say that books by younger authors dominated. ..." more

published 20 December 2005; Bulgarian National Radio




"A Hermit Took the Vick Prize for Best Bulgarian Novel"

" For a second year in a row, the Vick Prize for the Best Bulgarian Novel of the year has been quite a sensation. For the first time in many years, Bulgarian novelists have a stimulus to write: the prize amounts to BGN 10 000 (EUR 5 000), a sum of money unattainable under the present conditions in Bulgaria, and translation of the novel into English, which is a chance for the book to be published abroad. This year the four-member jury singled out the novel “The Glass River” by Emil Andreev, .." more

published 30 November 2005; Bulgarian National Radio(Heritage Radio Group)




"Emil Andreev, winner of Vick Best Bulgarian Novel of the Year "

"For the second time this year the Vick Foundation singled out the best Bulgarian novel. The foundation was set up by Edward Vick, the founder of one of Europe’s largest translation companies EVS. For a few years now that company has had a branch in Bulgaria and has set out to promote contemporary Bulgarian literature in its unequal survival struggle amid the fierce competition of foreign best-selling books.. ..." more

published 18 November 2005; Bulgarian National Radio




"Wise People Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously "

"The very first time when Emil Andreev tried his pen in the novel genre made him a celebrity. He became a laureate of the Bulgarian Novel of the Year contest in 2005. The contest was organized by Edward Vick foundation and Andreev won the readers' award.For his novel "The Glass River" he got a cash prize of 10,000 leva (nearly euro 5,000) and a guaranteed translation into English. . ... " more

published 5 November 2005; Standart News




"Bulgaria`s Glass River Grabs Best Novel Award `05 "

"The novel of Emil Andreev has unanimously swept the top approval of both jury and audience to be the winner of the year`s best novel award.. ..." more

published 27 October 2005; Sofia News Agency




"Bulgarian Novel of the Year Contest "

"The Vick foundation runs the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Contest for the second year in a row. Last year the prize that includes BGN 10 000 (nearly EUR 5 000), as well as a guaranteed translation of the winning work into English went to Stefan Kissyov for his novel “The Executioner”. . ...European Affairs Minister Meglena Kuneva handed a copy of the English translation of the novel to the author Stefan Kissyov... " more

published 15 June 2005; Bulgarian National Radio




"Edward Vick: The Quality of Bulgarian Books will Increase "

"Edward Vick (born 1958 in Canada) is the founder of the EVS Company, which is today among Europe's leading translation companies and now has an office in Bulgaria, too. He also established the Vick Foundation in 2004, which inaugurated the prize "Bulgarian Novel of the Year". The first award will be presented to the author of one of 2003's new Bulgarian titles. In addition to BGN 10,000, the winner will have an English translation of his novel as a reward. Another prize worth BGN 1,000 will be handed to the author who would collect the most of the "fifth jury member" - the collective vote of the readers.Edward Vick spoke to Sofia News Agency Editor Petya Bondokova ... " more

published 11 November 2004; Sofia News Agency




"New Bulgarian Novels compete for the “VICK” Award "

"...The founders of the VICK Foundation define its goal as follows: “To revive the interest of the Bulgarian reading public in Bulgarian literature, to encourage Bulgarian fiction-writers and unite literary circles”. That is why the foundation has inaugurated the prize “Bulgarian Novel of the Year”. The award-winning author received a 10,000 Leva /about EUR 5,000/ and the honour of having his novel translated into English. The first contest is now a fact. Over 60 Bulgarian titles competed, all of them published in 2003. ... " more

published 10 June 2004; Bulgarian National Radio




Download Edward Vick interview for Bulgarian National RadioHeritage Radio Grioup) (mp3 file format )

"Bulgarian novel of the year 2004"

published 2004; Bulgarian National Radio(Heritage Radio Group)



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