Today’s waste becomes tomorrow's resources





E.A. Solutions Ltd. offers a wide range of services for speeding up the process of waste management to resource management:

  • Analysis and chemical composition of wastes and bioproducts
  • Preinvestment research regarding the technology and equipment
  • Supervision in construction, startup, staff training, guarantee and after guarantee services, supply of spare and wear parts.
  • Partial lease opportunities
  • Concept and project preparation
  • Preparation of research and regulation plans
  • Project concepts for waste management
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Assistance in preparation and participation in tenders
  • Supporting services in the implementation of private-public partnership models
  • Support in the negotiations with prospective partners, employers, contractors, funding institutions and insurance companies
  • Funding / risk management
  • Assistance in project funding
  • Consulting services regarding prospective grants
  • Support regarding insurance and financial risks
  • Project management
  • Management assistance
  • Education / staff training
  • In specific cases: participation in projects




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